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Kansas City Chiefs

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Colonel of Scrimmage:
Torno dopo molto tempo a postare per impegni vari, un saluto a tutti i ragazzi di NFLFI...butto giù un contributo per ofni squadra, per partecipare...

non li ho visti malissimo in previsione lavorano bene al draft non si sa mai....sarà una delle mie scommesse piu belle l'anno prossimo, come lo è stata Atlanta quest'anno (santanadotson sa...)

In one of the surprising and sobering stats of the year, there are 19 players that have more sacks this season than the entire Chiefs team.

Through 11 games, Kansas City has a mere six sacks – two fewer than former Chief Jared Allen has for Minnesota. The Chiefs are on pace this season to post fewer than nine total sacks, which would be an NFL single-season record low — shattering the mark that the 1982 Baltimore Colts set with 11 in the strike-shortened, nine-game season. In a full 16-game season, the 1981 Colts had 13 sacks.

What makes the Chiefs’ total so startling is that they have invested heavily in their defensive line. Defensive end Tamba Hali was a 2007 first-round pick, defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey was a 2008 first-round pick, defensive tackle Turk McBride was a 2007 second-round pick and defensive tackle Tank Tyler was a 2007 third-round pick.

In seven of Kansas City’s 11 games this season, including Sunday’s loss to Buffalo, its defense has not registered a single sack.

...curiosita' interessante... :excelent:

so che non c'entra un cazzo vengo da due splendidi giorni a Kansas City ed e` molto piu` bella di quello che mi aspettavo! da oggi sono un po` piu` tifoso dei Chiefs! :papa:

Adam Schefter
Pioli takes GM job in Kansas City
Posted: January 13th, 2009 | Adam Schefter | Tags: Kansas City Chiefs, Scott Pioli

The Chiefs hired Patriots vice president - player personnel Scott Pioli on Tuesday to be the team’s general manager. Pioli, 43, was considered one of the masterminds behind the Patriots dynasty that won three Super Bowls and four AFC titles over a span of eight seasons.

The Chiefs have been looking for a new GM since Carl Peterson resigned after 20 years as president, general manager and CEO.


Adam Schefter
Pioli’s hiring could lead to changes in Kansas City
Posted: January 13th, 2009 | Adam Schefter | Tags: Herman Edwards, Kansas City Chiefs, Scott Pioli

Now that the Chiefs have hired Scott Pioli, sweeping changes are expected to follow him to Kansas City.

The biggest is expected to be at head coach. There is a widespread feeling around the NFL that Pioli will not retain Chiefs coach Herman Edwards and instead will look to bring in his own coach.

If and when that happens — and it is considered a formality — some of Pioli’s leading candidates are expected to include Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz, Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo and Tennessee defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, who spent Monday interviewing with the Detroit Lions for a second time.

Ferentz and Pioli are close from their days together in Cleveland. Spagnuolo works for a franchise Pioli has admired. Schwartz and Pioli spent two years working together in 1995 and 1996 — one in Cleveland, one in Baltimore. Schwartz has the type of mind and work ethic that would appeal greatly to Pioli.

Had Josh McDaniels not agreed to become the Broncos head coach, there are many people who believe he would have been Pioli’s top choice to become Kansas City’s coach. But Denver hired McDaniels and now it’s possible that Schwartz could wind up in Kansas City.



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